Kani Akilah Dahabu Bentley

Owners : Leonie Huitema & Esther Kappert

Breeder : Esther Kappert

Date of Birth : 12-12-2012

Bite : complet and scissor

Height : 69cm

Weight : 46kg

HD : A FCI standard

ED : Free FCI Standard

Schoulders: Free

Blue Dilute : D/D Free

DM (SOD1) : N/N Free

LTV : Free (officially judged in Austria )

Spine: 7 vertebrea

Spondylose: Free

EOAD (Deafness): Free (High confidence Clear)

Livergen: B/B No carrier

JME: Carrier

Hemofilie B: Free


Belgian Youth Champion

Candidate for Netherlands, German and International champion

Bentley is available fore suitable females, we breed by the rules from the VFR of the RRCN. For more information please contact me.

Bentley is bred by Esther Kappert from Kani Akilah kennel in the Netherlands, he lives with us but is co-owned with Esther.
He is born on 12-12-12 in a litter of 7 males (5 black nose, 2 livernose, 2 kinked tails) and 6 females (4 black nose, 2 livers, 1 x 3 crowns and 1 x DS).

He is an easy going obedient dog, always outgoing and ready to play.  
He has a self assured stable character and gets along with children well.  We have do obedient training and show training with him, as he loves food, he is easy to train!
He likes to swim especially with the warm weather, coming out of the water he will run a round of honor to show how happy he is. He loves to lure course and goes full speed.

We like to visit dogshows together and with nice results so far. Bentley is Belgian Junior Champion, wich we are very proud of !As long as he likes to be on show we will continue to do so.