Mswati's Antar Kenzo

Owners : Leonie Huitema & Jacco Wonnink

Breeder : Peter & Christie Verstappen

Date of Birth : 01-04 2006

Bite : complet and scissor

Height : 70cm

Weight : 47kg

HD : A FCI standard

ED : Free FCI Standard

Blue Dilute : DD Free

Kenzo is available fore suitable females, we breed by the COE of the RRCN. For more information please contact me.

Kenzo is bred by Peter and Christie Verstappen from Mswati's Rhodesian Ridgeback kennel Netherlands. His mother is Mswati's Gani and his father is Multi Champion N'Gai Zamu of Ginba's Hero. Kenzo was born on April 1st 2006 together with 7 sisters and 3 brothers.

As a puppy he was already a very easygoing dog, walked on the leashe like he had done it many times before and learned very quickly. We train obedience with him and also ringtraining. He still learns fast and reacts good to our voice. He has a stable character en is a friend to everybody he meets.
He is nice to both people and other animals and is also great with children. He has a golden character and a heart of gold.

When ever you come home he is always happy to see you and in a ready to play mood. There is no time for us to relax at night as he will constantly bring his toys to you and invites you to play with him.

We enjoy his company every single day. He can let himself go completely during the walks we make espesially when there is sand and water!
He loves his attention and comes often to collect some. This is always returned with a loving hug from him.

So far in shows he has shown great potential. He has been rewarded on almost every show with Excellent and also is placed on almost each show.

We hope to enjoy Kenzo's company for many years to come!