We expected a large litter but Choco had a surprise for us, Choco always does it her way;). On 24-12-2014, there are 7 big boys born one puppy sadly stillborn (correct), 1 puppy with three crowns and one puppy offset. Choco and her six boys are doing great and we are very proud of the first litter of Bentley!


Yessss, Choco is pregnant Petra and I are super happy. Bentley his first litter is expected with Christmas 2014 in Of Dao Phu Quoc kennel in Germany!


We people can make great plans, we thought Kenzo was mister perfect for Choco but Choco decided different. She wanted nothing to know about Kenzo, we tried everything!
Choco saw Bentley and it was love at first sight......Bentley can do anything with her and for Choco Bentley is mister perfect!
We diced to listen to the dogs and work things out.
Everything has a reason. ..Choco and Bentley are a love couple and we are really happy about this great combination.
Nature must do her work now , fingers crossed.

Katja thank you so much for the new add, Petra thank you for the trust in my 2 lovely boy's!


Choco is in heat, the adventure begin! Within two weeks Kenzo and Choco will be mate. We cross our fingers for this special litter.


Bentley 3th excellent in breeders class, with a lovely showreport.

Brenda Dekeijzer thanks for the pictures.


Our lovely and sweet boy is growing up!!!!

Bentley is available fore suitable females, we breed by the COE of the RRCN. For more information please contact us!!

I want to thank Ilse for the beautiful pictures and Katja for this amazing collage LOVE IT!!!!


Today, along with Brenda and Katja drove to Germany to join the ELSA Club show. We had a great weekend and it was very hot. On Saturday, Bentley took a nice 3rd place Very Good. Sunday he became 1 Excellent with ANW. Dt. Ch. VDH CAC Club Elsa, very proud of our boy!


Kani Akilah Dahabu Bentley:

HD: A Norberg Waarde 40

ED: Free

Schoulders: Free

We are very happy with these results!


We proudly present the next litter of Kenzo, we are looking forward to this. More information you can find on the website Of Dao Phu Quoc or you can click here!


Ilse thank your for the pictures, Katja thank you for the collage!


Driven today along with our daughter Danique to Wieze (Belgium). Bentley needed 1 more point for Belgium Youth Champion. He gained 1st Excellent,  Kani Akilah Dahabu Bentley is now Belgian Youth Champion. So proud of our lovely Boy!


The first coursing in 2014 was very successful. Kenzo and Bentley had a lot of fun, despite the rain we enjoyed. Kenzo 1st with the veterans males and fastest veteran, Bentley 8th dog (15 months to 8 years).

Kika thanks for the pictures, RRCN and hondencompleet thanks for the price!


Our sweet and beautiful boy become 8 years!!!! Happy birthday Kenzo you are the best....a big kiss from us.


Today was the show in Groningen on the program. Kani Akilah Dahabu Bentley gained 2nd excellent with a very nice report.


At the CAC CACIB show Gent (Belgium) Kani Akilah Bentley 1ste Excellent in a Strong youth class. I am so proud he did so well my lovely boy. Cheetah 2 Very Good ( offspring Kenzo) well done Christ van Loon.


Today we went to the show in Castrop with Brenda. Bentley was 1st with a very good and a nice report. Djara Brenda was 2nd with an excellent, it was a nice day to the next show!


Today we went to the show in Mouscron with Christ. Bentley gained 1st Excellent and Dlulayo Konke's Cheetah (offspring Kenzo) gained a nice 3rd place Very Good in youth class.


Bentley 12.5 months, click here for new pictures!

Thank you again Ilse.