News 2018


We have the results of Laboklin:

Njia Jamaa Grand Lewis 

Blue Dilute : D/D (clear)
DM (SOD1) : N/N (clear)
JME: N/N (clear)
Hemofilie B: clear
Liver (B-locus) : B/b (carrier)

Suprise Lewis is carrier of liver (brown nose) a nice present. 


Autumn 2018.


Last weekend show Maastricht:

Saturday 1st Excellent JCAC ( youthclass)
Sunday 2nd Excellent ( youthclass) 

So proud of Lewis


IDS Rotterdam Njia Jamaa Grand Lewis gained 2nd Excellent. 


 New front website, Katja thank you so much it is beautiful.


Ulrika came over from Sweden unfortunately she could not bring Grace because she had a wound under her paw. Friday at the specialty Cooper ( Bentley x Grace ) 4th Excellent and Lewis 7th Excellent out of 16 youth dogs. Saturday the world dog show 22 youth dogs Cooper and Lewis at the last selection. Lewis no placement but excellent and he did so well with his 10 months. Cooper became 1ste so he is Junior World Winner 2018, SO PROUD!!!


Lewis 9 months, he is now a youth dog.


New pictures Bentley click here and Lewis click here!

IDS Utrecht Lewis gained 4th Very Promising with a lovely raport.


IDS Groningen with Cooper (son Bentley) and Lewis.

Cooper gained Very Good, first time youth class.

Lewis gained 2nd Very Promising.


New pictures Bentley click here and Lewis click here!


We proudly introduce you to our new family member Lewis!